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Sara Den Besten works directly with CEOs and top teams to understand their business, systemic, and human needs and then designs and facilitates structured yet fluid conversations to deliver clear and targeted outcomes. Her impact with top teams often catalyzes broader organizational transformation. Her smart business acumen, open and trusting presence, and expert attunement helps senior teams successfully navigate their toughest challenges.

Sara’s coaching empowers clients to achieve their goals and help their organizations thrive. With depth and openness, she appreciates the fullness of the person and their personal and business context. Sara converses with them in a way that opens up insights, shifts their worldview and translates this awareness into action. She co-creates a concrete, customized path towards lasting, fulfilling, and self-generative excellence.

She draws on corporate experience as a senior member of a global management team and an HR Director of a leadership development practice to catalyze collective excellence within organizations. As a world-champion athlete, she employs a multidisciplinary approach to high performance in working with people, teams, and organizations.

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